Prevention and therapy of stress, exhaustion, burn-out, fatigue

In general, the core principle is that in order to be able to initiate preventive or countermeasures against a threatening development, one needs basic information about the interrelationships. Only then we are able to develop one’s individual path: How does our body and our psyche show us that we are reaching our limits?

Prof. Dr. Stark

It is therefore important to recognize what are the personal, but also social factors that lead us to being constantly under pressure, feeling drained and overloaded, no longer having fun with things, feeling like we are on a treadmill – and still see no alternative than to just keep going?
The point is to put a stop to this negative downward trend and to get to know factors and methods that are important for maintaining and rebuilding mental health and mental “fitness”.

How can I get out of this cycle?

The market is full of self-help books on this topic, and many self-appointed burn-out advisors, unfortunately often without in-depth training, offer help everywhere. Be critical, your health is at stake! Remember to consider professional help ealry enough, because the earlier a negative development can be counteracted consistently, medically, and therapeutically, the faster a crisis will be overcome.

Prof. Dr. Stark therapy

Holistic diagnosis and therapy for psychosomatic disorders

For people who would like to clarify and treat their situation in a private and individual way, I and my team are at your disposal within the practice of Prof. Stark, Comprehensive stress diagnostics and therapy for psychosomatic disorders are available.

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Special requirements

We also provide needs-based, individual therapy programs </ for target groups with special requirements, such as executives, high-performance athletes, etc. a> .

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