Individual psycho-mental and bio-physical diagnostics
We are healthy,
when we can react flexibly, competenty, and creatively
to the demands of life.
This applies to the mental, psychological demands as well as the physical ones.
According to ancient Greek wisdom, there is a healthy mind in a healthy body.
The latest brain research has also convincingly confirmed this interaction between mind and body.
How high is my current level of exhaustion?

Everyone has probably asked themselves the question “Is my physical and mental health seriously endangered? Or” Am I still able to recover? “In general, the principle applies to be able to initiate preventive or countermeasures to a threatening development , you need basic information about the interrelationships in order to then be able to develop your own individual path.

At the beginning there is always diagnostics

How do our bodies and psyche show us that we are reaching our limits? Here you will find an overview of the stress symptoms such as anxiety, burnout and depression and initial recommendations for action.

What holistic approaches and models are there about how body and soul are related? Find out about the scientific and therapeutic principles on which the Prof. Stark method of diagnosing and treating psychological and physical stress symptoms is based.

It is therefore important to recognize what the personal as well as social factors are that lead to us being constantly under pressure, feeling drained and overloaded, no longer having fun with things, feeling like we are on a treadmill – and still see no other way than to just keep going?

How can I get out of this cycle?

Do everything you can to put a stop to this negative downward trend and learn about factors and methods that are important for maintaining and rebuilding your mental and physical health, or “fitness”.

The market is full of self-help books on this topic, and many self-appointed burn-out advisors, unfortunately often without in-depth training, offer help everywhere. Be critical, your health is at stake! Remember to consider professional help in good time, because the earlier a negative development can be counteracted consistently and medically / therapeutically, the faster a crisis will be overcome.

For this professional diagnosis, Prof. Stark and his team offer you various options:

  • Psycho-mental diagnostics

    The psycho-mental diagnosis usually includes an analysis of your current situation, but also a look at your life story in order to find an explanation for certain attitudes and schemes that contribute to the current conflicts and your psychological stress. This diagnosis in an intensive one-on-one discussion is supplemented by the innovative diagnosis of physical stress. You can also carry out initial analyzes anonymously online. …Continue reading

    Physical diagnostics

    Innovative diagnostics of physical stress

    As already explained in the description of the Prof. Stark method, we assume in diagnosis and therapy that all psychological, mental and physical processes influence each other and that the human being must be viewed as a unit. Disturbances in the muscular and organ system can therefore cause emotional stress symptoms, and on the other hand long-lasting emotional strain and stress can also damage the muscular and organ systems, since body and psyche are regulated by the same energetic system. Health is therefore not static, but a dynamic process, which, among other things, consists in the body’s ability to adapt and vibrate well under changing internal and external conditions.
    Our body is set up in such a way that it always tries to balance loads. If he no longer succeeds because the burden has increased too much or has become chronic for a long time and there were also too few opportunities for recreation available, then the ability to regulate collapses.

    The innovative approach of the diagnosis and treatment of stress and stress symptoms according to the Prof. Stark method consists in the fact that strategies and methods for optimizing and increasing physical performance from sports science, which have been researched and tested for many years, are taken up and tailored to the needs of people who stand under heavy strain and tension. The scientifically based optimization methods for increasing athletic performance are used as an efficient means of restoring the compromised physical ability to regulate and function and can also be used preventively in a targeted manner. This combined approach goes far beyond normal psychosomatic / medical diagnostics in that it diagnoses, in particular, the energetic and vibrational potential of the body and includes it therapeutically.

    The initial diagnosis should therefore provide information on how and to what extent your physical structure is stressed. Is your body, the neuromuscular system still flexible and capable of recovery, or is there already chronic permanent tension? Which organ systems are particularly stressed?

    An important indicator is the so-called inner coherence, which means the interaction of the physical systems, such as the synchronization of autonomous rhythms of the cardiovascular system, the nervous system, the muscular system and the energy channels. The aim of coherence medicine is to increase this internal coherence, which leads to improved self-regulation and thus more efficient self-healing.

    To determine your current stress level on the various levels, we therefore offer you the following, coordinated bio-physical system of diagnostic and measuring methods, which is based on the latest scientific research and both in the practice of Prof. Stark and in the Prof. Stark Institute is continuously developed empirically and theoretically. It includes measurements of parameters of the cardiovascular and vegetative nervous system, the muscle system, as well as the meridian or energy pathway system. …Continue reading

    The Biophysical Movement Therapy (BBT) therapy according to Dr. Ziaja, which is used as a therapeutic approach as part of the holistic Prof. Stark method in Prof. Stark’s practice and also as a special offer of the Prof. Stark Institute for companies.

    The evaluation of all results enables individually tailored therapy proposals. In addition, our measurement methods enable continuous monitoring of therapy progress and provide optimal help for doctor and patient.

Company special:
Our innovative diagnostics and prevention program for managers and employees of companies and institutions

If you are a manager, HR manager or health officer of a company or institution and are committed to preventive support for your employees, please contact the Prof. Stark Institute.

Give us a call and we will be happy to discuss specific details and a corresponding framework agreement with you so that your managers and employees can benefit from our diagnostics and prevention program. Possibly. this can also take place directly in the company premises.
We give each individual a comprehensive status of their ability to regulate psychological stress and stress, as well as recommendations on prevention and therapy, which can be continued individually in Prof. Stark’s practice, if necessary.

Details on the preventive seminar program of the Prof. Stark Institute can be found here.

If you are interested, but cannot come to Prof. Stark’s practice in Hamburg in person, please send an email to ask which diagnostic center that uses the Prof. Stark method is near you.

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