Due to my many years of experience as a therapist and scientist, I am deeply familiar with disorders and illnesses in the psychological and psychosomatic area. When working with patients, it is very important to me to make the methodological process and the results of the therapy transparent and verifiable. Patients should know what is happening and why, because self-knowledge and understanding one’s own structures and disorders are the first step towards benevolent self-awareness.

In addition to intensive work with my patients in individual and group therapy, in private as well as in the work environment, I also work as a trainer, lecturer and supervisor for behavioral therapy, with a focus on diagnosis and therapy of depression and chronic exhaustion (burn-out) the holistic Prof. Stark method.

In my detailed curriculum vitae, you can see the ways in which and in which professional areas I have acquired and contributed my knowledge.

The Prof. Stark method

On the basis of my scientific training and many years of clinical experience, I have developed the holistic approach of the Prof. Stark method, the Holos diagnosis and therapy of psychosomatic disorders.

The Prof. Stark method is based on a holistic view of man and the fundamental knowledge of behavior therapy, whereby it takes into account the role of individual personality structures in the development of disease symptoms. The energy barrel model I developed has proven to be a very helpful approach to understanding the internal energy processes, the imbalance of which ultimately leads to permanent exhaustion and break down.

Prof. Stark -Method

Would you like to find out more about the holistic approach of the Prof. Stark method?

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Behavior Therapy

A brief introduction to the general principles of behavior therapy.

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Rolle der Persönlichkeit

Die Rolle, die Ihre Persönlichkeitsstruktur im Umgang mit Belastung spielt.
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Diese Seite gibt Ihnen einen Einblick in die von mir entwickelten Energiemodelle.
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The Prof. Stark publications and press articles

If you would like to gain further insight into my therapeutic approaches and experience reports, you can get an overview of my Publications and press releases .

Prof. Dr. Stark therapy offers

For people who would like to clarify and treat their situation in a very private and individual way, I and my team are at your disposal within the framework of the Prof. Stark Institute, diagnosis and therapy for psychosomatic disorders .

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Special requirements

We also provide needs-based, individual therapy programs .

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