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What are we committed to?

The aim of the Prof-Stark-Method is the restoration of mental and physical health through an integral treatment of people in their individual and social wholeness.
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Understand whats going on with you

Mental disorders and illnesses such as anxiety, stress and exhaustion through to depression have long since ceased to be just a ‘managerial illness’, but appear to affect a broader and broader section of the population.


You look for professional help?

Get a more comprehensive diagnostic.
Here you will find information about our therapy offers:
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy –
Individually or in a group
Innovative exercise therapy based on sports science

  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Special requirements
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Your path to benevolent mindfulness

Everyday life often challenges us more than we would like: Our work, family, friends, sport – as beautiful and enriching as that may be, time and rest for ourselves often take a back seat. Stress, burnout, depression and even panic attacks can result.

But it doesn’t have to get that far. Because if the first symptoms are recognized and correctly interpreted, you can bring your life back into balance after a short time. This includes that you develop a conscious and benevolent mindfulness towards yourself – with all your wishes and needs – and that you are ready to approach professional support that provides you with well-founded and effective methods and therapies.

Prof. Stark and his team have made it their business to offer you this therapeutic support in a holistic approach based on the Prof. Stark method.

The Prof. Stark method includes the merging of well-founded, scientific methods on the mental and physical level by combining classic procedures and behavioral models from psychology and psychotherapy with innovative forms of diagnosis and treatment, especially from sports science.

M.D., Ph.D. Prof. of Social Psychiatry, Honory professor Medical University Lviv/ Ukraine, ., Psychotherapeut.

Prof. Stark Institut

Individual psycho-mental and bio-physical diagnosis and treatment
Innovative diagnostics and forms of treatment
online stress test!
Info seminars as prevention
Innovative movement therapy and acupuncture
Research and international congresses

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Prof. Stark – Online Self-Help
The best therapy is helping people to help themselves.

Contemporary self-help is online.
Determine the pace, time and place yourself.

Offers from Prof. Stark® self-help

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You can find out more about my qualifications, my professional focus areas, and scientific approaches in therapy and research on these pages. I am also happy to answer any questions you may have personally.
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